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Office integration

Fred seamlessly integrates with your existing desktop and office tools, exactly the way you expect it to. This improves the user experience dramatically compared to the typical awkward split between web and desktop!

Customizable at every level

Fred offers users personal customization for maximum productivity in their desktop environment and workflow. Do you want to go beyond the standard options? Just challenge our team. They love to help or advise on migration or deployment. Are you looking for an installation on your own infrastructure? We are happy to help you with our consulting services.

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    Fred lets you work Alfresco from your own desktop, just like you would have designed it yourself. It's simple, lightning quick and gets things out of the way to let you concentrate on your content
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    We love to make it really easy for you and your team to explore the possibilities of Fred. Therefore, we'll send you a regularly tips showing how to save even more time while archiving, sharing and searching.
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    Wondering about the best way to get something done? Just submit your question and our staff will be happy to get in touch.
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    Join the Fred Customer Care Team for an open Q&A. We'll discuss best ECM practices, give advice on how to support document processes, help you evaluate all Fred's features. Pretty much any question you might have can be discussed! So bring us your use case, we're here to help out!
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